The Ice-Breaker

“Beautifully acted by an adrenaline rush named Amy Russ.”
– Boston Phoenix 

“[The] production is blessed with fine performances: Lyman and Russ give these characters real dimension and life.”
– The Boston Globe 

“It’s a joy to watch Russ’s Sonia show her precocious intelligence behind her funny, slightly manic, scientist-as-seducer persona.”
– PT At Large 

“Amy Russ as Sonia is wonderfully alive and refreshing. Will Lyman as Lawrence is terrifically understated, holding in all that he’s feeling, until she begins to work her magic on him and he starts to thaw. What’s most satisfying about their work is the emotional honesty and chemistry between them.”

“Amy Russ flings herself around him, like a loving atomic moth, her radiance feeding emotional swings reminiscent of college youth searching for meaning, at once exhibiting unbound desires and crushing disappointments – revealing just enough pluck to dust herself off after setbacks.”
– The Epoch Times 

Photo:  Amy Russ as Sonia in New Rep’s rolling world premiere production of THE ICE-BREAKER

The Misanthrope

“Amy Russ, a life force of a Célimène whose brains and charm go a long way toward ameliorating her romantic duplicity and unabashed coquetry…”
Boston Phoenix  

“Russ is sexy, frisky, and exudes joie de vivre as the young woman in love with love and possessing an abundance of self-esteem. Still, she is convincing in her more serious moments when faced with pressure from her lovers to make choices that cause her discomfort or oozing vitriol toward a spurious friend.”  

“Russ is effortlessly charming and strikes a compelling counterpoint with Reynolds.”
Boston Herald

“Amy Russ is a keeper. Charming and seductive, she makes Alcestes of us all. We’re putty in her hands. We know Célimène is flawed, but when you look at her, impeccably dressed in designer Rafael Jean’s gorgeous costumes, and you watch her playful banter and easy smile, you have a hard time remembering why. And Russ’ performance runs far deeper than just her beauty. When Célimène gets her comeuppance near the end of Act Two, Russ breaks your heart. She doesn’t say a word, but her pain is written in her eyes, brow and mouth. That’s acting.”
The Daily News Tribune

“Amy Russ, as the effervescent object of his affection, seems to thrive on society. She lacerates what’s left of his dignity with an almost feminist zeal. She can give anyone as good as she gets and her power to shred is so exhilarating that I didn’t want her to capitulate, even when comeuppance was clearly due.”
The Theater Mirror 

Amy Russ and James Lloyd Reynolds in New Rep's THE MISANTHROPE
Amy Russ and James Lloyd Reynolds in New Rep's THE MISANTHROPE
Amy Russ and James Lloyd Reynolds in New Rep's THE MISANTHROPE
Amy Russ and James Lloyd Reynolds in New Rep's THE MISANTHROPE

It's A Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play

“These actors are pros that stand inches away from you and yet manage to transport you to another time, another world. Matt Worley and Amy Russ seem to really fall in love right before your eyes.”
TheatreCT Magazine  

“The famous scene where he offers Mary the moon – sends viewers into a romantic trance and the phone conversation which led to George and Mary’s first embrace was filled with more passion in the play than in the movie.” 

Photo:  Amy Russ and D. Matt Worley in the Moss Hart Award-Winning production of IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE: A LIVE RADIO PLAY

Parallel Lives

"Amy Russ, most striking, most accomplished vocally, throws herself entirely into what she is doing - she does not stint."
- Rockland Review

Mary Carney

"a standout singer"
- New York Post

Love, Sex, & the IRS

"Amy Russ adds plenty of spice and femme fatale sparks to this volatile comedy mix."
- First Coast Entertainer

Frankenstein ... do you dream - Elizabeth Lavenza

“Vocally, Amy Russ stands out as Elizabeth Lavenza, Victor Frankenstein’s fiancée/wife, as does Philip Hernández as Daemon, the monster. The wedding song has an interesting, catchy melody and when it becomes a three-part harmony, sung by Schulman, Hernández, and Russ, it is quite beautiful.”

“Amy Russ, as Frankenstein’s betrothed brings a charming simplicity and sense of reality to the production.” 

Amy Russ with Philip Hernandez in FRANKENSTEIN... DO YOU DREAM

Amy Russ with Philip Hernandez in FRANKENSTEIN… DO YOU DREAM