Amy Russ

As an actor and producer, I love to inspire joy, empathy, and transformation through the art of storytelling. To me, there’s nothing better than being part of a production that makes people think, broadens their perceptions, or just plain makes them laugh out loud after a bad day.

Okay, sometimes chocolate is a very close second. But I digress…

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The Very Latest


So proud to be in the award-winning comedy short, #PrincessProblems. Brittney Lee Hamilton wrote, produced, and starred in this gem – she’s a powerhouse with 16 wins and 14 nominations (and counting)! It was a lot of fun playing Michelle, a tightly-wound woman who is determined to unwind during her daughter’s birthday party.

And if you’re cooking Thanksgiving dinner this year, here’s a link to my favorite sweet potato recipe. I made it a few years ago – it was super easy and a big hit!