Amy Russ

As an actor and producer, I love to inspire joy, empathy, and transformation through the art of storytelling. To me, there’s nothing better than being part of a production that makes people think, broadens their perceptions, or just plain makes them laugh out loud after a bad day.

Okay, sometimes chocolate is a very close second. But I digress…

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The Very Latest

Call Me the Scream Queen 😱

You know I love all things Halloween, so I’m thrilled to let you know about one of my latest projects – The Girl Who Got Away on Amazon Prime.

There are a lot of fine performances in this movie, and Kaye Tuckerman plays a most excellent and complex villain. I almost felt sorry for her character at one point… Almost! Check out this behind-the-scenes photo of me on set – super gory!

After watching this horror movie, you might need a palate cleanser. 😊  I saw this video the other day and it made me smile. Watch a little fox take in a concert. ❤️