Amy + the Emu, Part Deux

Amy Russ

It isn’t officially summer, but that hasn’t stopped me from traveling! First to Alabama where I had another run in with my friend the emu. And then Vegas to catch up with dear friends and paint the town red. So what if we were in bed by 12:35 AM? A girl’s gotta get her rest! 🙂

Amy Russ
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I’ve also been working on my craft. Anthony Meindl’s intensive and Ted Sluberski’s class were both amazing, and I can’t wait to start Matt Newton’s Masterclass next week!

If you’re in the NYC area, do yourself a favor and go see Fun Home at Circle in the Square. Such a beautiful, bittersweet story! I snort-laughed AND did the full-on Ugly Cry. This piece stayed with me (in a good way) for days, and isn’t that what theatre is all about?


Amy Russ

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